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Fimming autoflower

Topping autoflowering cannabis plants usually is considered a bad practice because autoflowers have a pre-set life cycle and the thinking goes that any stress will reduce the plants yield as it will have to recover from that high stress training method instead of focusing all its energy on growth. There are may opinions circulating in the autoflower community as each grower argues that his version of the truth is the correct one.

First of all we need to find out what exactly is fimming and topping and how does is work and then we can examine if these training methods are beneficial to ruderalis plants.

If you know little from plant genetics then you must understand that cannabis plants utilize chemicals called auxins that are mainly responsible for root production and also for bud development. These auxins work like gates that promote more growth in the place witch is closest to the energy source sunlight or artificial light and that is done because the cannabis plant wants to create one main bud that has the highest chances of surviving winter and producing offsprings from the seeds inside the bud.

This is why any vegetation that we can see usually grows in a triangle or cone shape where the main shoot is directed towards the sky and in that way gets the most energy but all the other shoots line up getting smaller and smaller amounts of energy. Topping is a HST High stress training method that promotes multiple bigger bud production and in that manner exposes more growth to the light source and in theory this is how you could get more growth and bigger and heavier buds.

This topping process is done by cutting off the top shoot of your cannabis plant and in that way stressing your plant to produce growth in the lower branches and creating not just one but multiple main shoots. In regular photo-sensitive plants Topping is usually done in the vegetative growth stage and usually growers TOP their plants multiple times to get the desired shoot count before switching to the flowering light schedule.

And that means growers usually have only a couple of weeks to do this and then let the plant recover and start producing buds while getting ready for harvest. Because of this short time span and the stress that is caused by the cutting process it is generally considered that topping auto-flowering plants is a bad idea as this process will only decrease the end yield even if the lower branches get more light.

With regular plants you can veg them as long as you like and only then change the light cycle but with autoflowers you have a pre-set time frame and any stress will result in a loss of yield. I myself have not experimented with side by side grows with plants that are topped and that are not topped but I found a great grow journal in the UK forum where a grower did exactly this and the end result was that any topping even the smallest resulted in smaller yield and shorter plants.

Of course the yield difference was not huge as those topped plants most likely lost only a couple of days of growth but still any loss in the end yield is a bad thing.

FIM or Fimming is another training method that is similar to topping but here you dont chop off the whole main shoot but just the tip and in that way you create not just two main shoots bus more like 4 shoots and a lot more energy wiyh the help of auxins is diverted in the bottom branches.

This method originally comes from a failed topping attempt and that is why FIM stands for F uck, I M issed as the story goes that a grower wanted to top his plants but missed and did not cut the entire top shoot off.

After this mistake he just allowed the plant to grow and to his and many other grower surprise the end result was that the plant produced much more top shoots than when you top it and from that point on many people have experimented with this method and had great results. FIM compared with topping is a little bit less stressful to your autoflower plants because you cut off less plant mass and that means that your plants will recover faster, but this still is considered a high stress training method and it will most likely diminish the end yield a bit.

But if we compare topping with fimming then the second is obviously better and that is why many autoflower growers use this training method in their growing operations.

There can be many reasons why you would need to train your autoflowering plants starting from the grow space requirements to limiting your plant growth and that is why many growers use LST as well as HST techniques including topping and fimming. But in my opinion it would be best to use LST as it will create less stress and that will result in bigger plants and more yield.

But if you must choose from high stress training methods then FIM is better. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Seed reviews Seed Types. What is Topping?Fimming is the partly removal of the latest shoot of a plant. This creates four main buds instead of just one. The plant gets wider and lower than plants that are not fimmed. Also, more leaves will be exposed to light, so more light is absorbed.

A shoot grows into 2 new petioles with leave on them. The middle of the shoot contains a new shoot, and new shoots will be formed in the axils. By removing two-thirds, you only cut off the leaves, and leave the stems. These will, along with the shoots in the axils, grow to become the main buds.

The plant is damaged, so it will use its energy to heal the wound, so this can slow down the growth a bit. You will also see that the newest pair of leaves is damaged when it starts to grow, but this is normal. You can fim multiple times, but leave some time in between fimming sessions, because the plant has to recover.

fimming autoflower

Fimming is done during the growing phase, and possibly in the first week of flowering at the very latest. Otherwise the plant has no time to recover and grow wider, and it wont have any use. Especially Sativas grow very quickly and can become very tall. You can then leave some more room between plants and still have a nice green blanket. I never fim Indicas, because they grow much slower and the growing phase would last too long otherwise. Another advantage is that the plant can absorb more lightbecause it gets wider.

The plant will have more leaves that can absorb more light. This can significantly increase your yield. Especially outdoors, great results can be achieved.

This advantage also applies to indoor plants, but I prefer to just place some more plants to make sure no light is lost.

fimming autoflower

Lastly, fimming spreads your risks. Once again, this is a major advantage for outdoor plants. Indoor growers could place some more plants without fimming them to spread the risks. This only applies to outdoor plantsbecause they get much bigger and heavier than indoor plants. Your email address will not be published. Robert Bergman. In this guide you will learn How to fim Why fimming? By MackMurder ,06 Jul Not sure where the get this four main colas from?

When I fim like you say I get main colas off of 1 fim and I have the pictures of 4 different plants to prove it. Maybe thos needs […] Read More. Maybe thos needs an update. Mayne the difference is you guys fim clones and I fim seedlings?

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Autoflower Topping & FIMing

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fimming autoflower

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